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Two Organizations, One Purpose

The Veterans1 partnership with ABS Community Research is based on a simple concept: Veterans1 is good at fundraising for established charities and also good at advocating for veterans and their families before Congress and other government agencies. ABS is good at analyzing charitable groups and providing project management, research, accountability systems and record keeping. Each organization can do what we do best and complement the other – with veterans and their families benefiting. 

quick facts


  • Veterans1 started in 2003.
  • Veterans1 has no employees or staff. We operate solely with volunteers.
  • Veterans1 takes no compensation for its work.
  • Veterans1 does not operate programs or charities. Instead, Veterans1 provides services such as assistance in fundraising and mission-development.
  • Many people and groups have excellent ideas for helping veterans and their families.
  • Unfortunately, they may not know how to go about the difficult business of registering as a charity.
  • They may lack experience in putting together a plan of action or a fundraising effort.
  • They may not know who operates in the “space” that they hope to occupy.
  • Veterans1 can help a group that provides services to veterans and their families in a limited area expand into other parts of the country.
  • When help is no longer needed, Veterans1 moves on.

The needs are great and many people and groups want to help. Another group may not be needed. That is why Veterans1 helps worthy smaller groups expand and provides funding and new volunteers for established groups. This way, our contributors know that their money goes to veterans and their families, not to overhead.