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So much needs to be done.

Almost every week, new challenges come to us. 

(First published December 7, 2014)

We do our best to meet the needs. But we need your help. New groups devoted to caring for our veterans and their families approach us regularly, asking for help. Groups we know well depend on us.

Sometimes, they need money. Other times, they need logistical or technical support. We analyze their programs and if we feel that they are delivering needed services – and are delivering those services efficiently – we will do our best to help.



Here is a possible project

In recent months, the crisis in Iraqi Kurdistan has been suggested as an area that deserves our attention. Please help us decide.

You may review a recent program featuring our partner, Velma Anne Ruth, who has had her boots on the ground in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Listen & Call In: Iraqi Kurdistan’s Refugee Crisis – On ‘International Dialogues’, ~ Wed. April 1, 10am and 2pm

(Picture: Velma Anne Ruth with two displaced refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan)

Since the US withdrawal, the crisis in Iraq has escalated, and over 4 million Iraqis have been displaced or become refugees. The current situation in Iraq is as if the brave members of the US Armed Forces were never there. But we were there. And the Iraqis have not forgotten.

Today, the Kurdish region of Iraq is host to the majority of Iraqi’s who have been displaced in the conflict, while is also hosting Syrian refugees, totaling over 1.5 million in northern Iraq.

Join us in discussion on the radio program International Dialogues ( with Host and Producer Cynthia Dillon, who will be interviewing Velma Anne Ruth, M.Ed., President, ABS Community Research on the refugee crisis in the Kurdish region of Iraq.

This extensive hour-long discussion will discuss the refugee crisis and international efforts to provide humanitarian assistance over four (4) segments:

The growth of the refugee crisis in the Kurdish region of Iraq since US withdrawal in 2011, conditions in thousands of refugee sites today, and risk of a worsening situation

The resulting health crisis, over flowing hospitals, life-threatening illness, medical assistance needs, and possible Veterans1 partnership with ABS in the U.S. and Kurdistan

International relations in the Kurdish region, including military assistance, energy development, and existing humanitarian aid programs

ABS efforts with Kurdistan Aid Fund, announcing partnership with Veterans1 campaign in an appeal for charitable support to an audience of over 2 million Americans, and other ways ABS is raising funds to send medical aid to the Kurdish region 

This program will be airing and recorded Wednesday, April 1, 2015 from 10:00-11:00 AM ET on WSRadio (, with Live Stream at

The program will re-air from 2:00 – 3:00 PM ET on WNJC1360 AM (, on the Dial, through Conservative Commandos Radio Network (, broadcasting in New Jersey, Delaware, and Philadelphia with reach over 4 Million people.

The program also will be archived with show summaries on

International Dialogues is a weekly talk radio program bringing the world of business, culture and politics together as part of the Conservative Commandos Radio Network. Recent shows have covered Armenian Genocide with the Armenian National Institute, Ukraine with Committee for Open Democracy, and Keystone Pipeline with American Chamber of Commerce West Canada.

Internet Talk Radio is one of the fastest growing media platforms of all time. Technology is expanding the reach through the rapid growth of Internet access to include: podcasts, wireless applications, in-car IP radio, mp3 players, and the newest radio receivers that no one can live without, smart phones. All accessing a growing Internet radio audience. has a listener base of business professionals locally, nationally and even globally. WSRadio has produced shows for The San Diego Union-Tribune, The Washington Times, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, eBay, Entrepreneur Media, HayHouse publication, and related entities.

Cynthia Dillon

Host & Producer

International Dialogues

Conservative Commandos Radio Network

Twitter: @DillonCynthia

FB: InternationalDialogues!internationaldialogues/c1zai


ISIS Crisis with General Audino

ISIS Crisis with General Audino – Voices of Global Freedom Radio

(Picture: General Audino with American and Iraqi Peshmerga troops)

Listen at:

Live Air Date, with Public Callers in Q&A: December 20, 2014

Voices of Global Freedom Radio interview with Brigadier General Ernie Audino, (US Army, Ret.), who spent a year in Kurdistan fighting alongside the Kurdish Peshmerga forces, getting to know the Kurds very well.

Brigadier General Audino talks about his time in Kurdistan and his views on the future of Kurds and US policies toward the Kurdish government.  Brigadier General Ernie Audino received his master’s degree in National Security and Strategic Studies at the National War College and studied Kurdish history in depth under Ambassador Peter Galbraith.

With the demise of the Baathist Regime of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and withdrawal of US forces, Iran is the most powerful force in the Gulf and is conducting airstrikes inside Iraq. Tehran and Washington fight ISIS. We must check Iranian strength, not accommodate it as the Obama administration is doing. General Audino believes an independent Kurdistan is the best buffer against the spread of radical Islam in the region.

Voices of Global Freedom Radio, syndicated on Spark Radio Network, broadcasting also on K98.