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Veterans1 mission ...

... to serve our veterans and their families.

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“When I came home, I sensed a lot of hostility.
No one who serves should face that from
other Americans. This time, welcome them home."

Vietnam Veteran, Ohio

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Iraq War veteran, U.S. Marine from California

“We left a lot unfinished.
We were so close, they needed us, but we were gone.”

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“We lost the best America had to give.
We can’t forget."

- Father of a Navy nurse who died
from her injuries in Afghanistan

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“They Sacrificed. Now we must do our part.”

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It's not just the soldiers.
So many of their children have sacrificed
and will be forced to continue to sacrifice.
At least let's help them get a college degree.

High school teacher of two children of veterans who are hoping for college scholarships. (Kansas)



What people tells us

“As a retired US Army veteran, I’ve not had any problems with the Veterans hospital in Phoenix. As a volunteer DAV van driver I do hear of other vets who have and continue to have, problems with the VA system. If the word gets out that all members of the military go thru the local VA center upon their discharge or retirement a lot of problems could be prevented.”

Dear returning Veteran,
I am a Veteran also…… Special Forces/Army (Airborne) 1963-1973… I lived in the Golden Era before thousandsof Middle Class jobs were sent overseas and before the Big Bankers were allowed

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We Are Failing Our Veterans.




There are now 22.3 million U.S. Veterans, and this number is growing daily. However, decades of challenges at the U.S. Veterans Administration persist.

We want to hear your story

There are so many stories of the challenges our veterans are having getting U.S. government assistance. We at Veterans1 want to hear your story, because we know there are many nonprofit alternatives that can help! If you or someone you know is caught in the bureaucracy and is not receiving benefits he or she is entitled to, please let us know. If you know an unemployed or underemployed veteran, we want to hear


So much needs to be done.

Almost every week, new challenges come to us. 
(First published December 7, 2014)
We do our best to meet the needs. But we need your help. New groups devoted to caring for our veterans and their families approach us regularly, asking for help. Groups we know well depend on us.
Sometimes, they need money. Other times, they need logistical or technical support. We analyze their programs and if we feel that they are delivering needed services – and are delivering those services efficiently – we will do our best to help.


Current activities

College scholarships and working with Congress and the White House

1. Several groups provide scholarships or grants for children of veterans who need financial aid. Others provide assistance for veterans.

Veterans1 is working with organizations that have surplus funds, trying to get them to provide assistance for children or veterans that other groups with limited funding have identified as worthy.

2. Veterans in need of medical care – for injuries or traumatic stress – sometimes fall between the cracks. Our task is to eliminate the bureaucratic cracks and alert the right people to problems faced by current veterans and their families.

Recently, we were able to


Here is a possible project

In recent months, the crisis in Iraqi Kurdistan has been suggested as an area that deserves our attention. Please help us decide.
You may review a recent program featuring our partner, Velma Anne Ruth, who has had her boots on the ground in Iraqi Kurdistan.
Listen & Call In: Iraqi Kurdistan’s Refugee Crisis – On ‘International Dialogues’, ~ Wed. April 1, 10am and 2pm
(Picture: Velma Anne Ruth with two displaced refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan)
Since the US withdrawal, the crisis in Iraq has escalated, and over 4 million Iraqis have been displaced or become refugees. The current situation in Iraq is as


ISIS Crisis with General Audino

ISIS Crisis with General Audino – Voices of Global Freedom Radio
(Picture: General Audino with American and Iraqi Peshmerga troops)
Listen at:
Live Air Date, with Public Callers in Q&A: December 20, 2014
Voices of Global Freedom Radio interview with Brigadier General Ernie Audino, (US Army, Ret.), who spent a year in Kurdistan fighting alongside the Kurdish Peshmerga forces, getting to know the Kurds very well.
Brigadier General Audino talks about his time in Kurdistan and his views on the future of Kurds and US policies toward the Kurdish government.  Brigadier General Ernie Audino received his master’s degree in National Security and Strategic Studies at the National War College