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Veterans1 Needs Your Opinions

We want to know how you think we should deploy our resources. Should we work only with wounded veterans and their families? Should we work on job fairs for all veterans or just disabled or wounded veterans? Should we allow family members to participate in job fairs?

Please share your opinions and suggestions on what you think Veterans1 should be doing for Veterans and for Refugees. If you would like to make sure your donation is applied only to the area(s) you’ve selected, please complete and submit the Donation Voucher.

Results to date are displayed as each answer is submitted.

Poll A: Support for US Veterans

Since founding, Veterans1 charitable efforts include sponsoring veteran organizations and assisting hospitalized wounded military. Today there are 22.3 million US Veterans and growing nationwide. Please answer one or more of the following and share your comments, on how Veterans1 should be supportive to Veterans.

Sponsor veterans service organizations (VSOs) to increase staff such as family therapists, mental health providers, suicide prevention counselors, and expand access to support services through nonprofits

Sponsor job fairs and related resources to increase personal access to jobs, job training, career counseling, and related resources for those veterans seeking employment and career advancement

Sponsor housing programs that provide transitional or long-term residencies to veterans, in partnership with social services, education and job development programs

Provide donations directed to support health workers and medical providers in organizations that provide treatment and rehabilitation support to disabled veterans, in helping those wounded military to restore certain capabilities towards more independent living

Conduct research on model partnerships between veterans organizations, local governments, and federal agencies to provide solutions to other communities across America to help advance veterans support programs in their local area


We learn from your comments, suggestions and insights. Please email us directly or use our Contact Form to send us your advice!

Conference Calls with Veterans1 Leadership

We learn so much from you, the concerned citizens who are willing to give us not only your contributions but also your thoughts. We have periodic conference calls in which we listen to your ideas and ask us questions. If you would like to participate in a conference call, please email us at and we will let you know when conference calls are scheduled.

Poll B: Refugee Crisis in the Kurdish Region of Iraq

According to reports, there are over 1.5 million Syrian and Iraqi refugees and IDPs in Iraqi Kurdistan, including Iraqi religious minorities such as Christians, Yezidis, and Iraqi Arabs. Please answer one or more of the following and share your comments, on how Veterans1 should address the crisis.

Provide medicines, medical supplies, and medical equipment to the public hospitals that provide free care to all refugees and internally displaced

Provide tents and mobile homes in assisting the development of refugee camps and transitional areas, especially for families stranded without any shelter

Provide nonperishable food and water supply, especially for children and women who may be struggling to obtain this, and given the UN agencies challenges to feed everyone

Provide home goods, such as clothes, blankets, bedding, kitchen items for those refugees and IDPs who have left everything behind for personal safety

If Veterans1 furnishes aid to Kurdistan, that should come only if services to veterans and their families are fully funded