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veterans support fund

Veterans Support Fund

Veterans Support Fund is currently assisting with job fairs for veterans and advancing local partnerships with veterans support organizations (VSOs) in multiple states. Contributions go to cover financial expenses of those job fairs, to increase immediate job opportunities to veterans, and expand access to more veterans seeking civilian employ.

Currently under preparation for second phase, Veterans Support Fund will be making grants to case management level needs of VSOs, expanding on professional staff available to address career counseling, job placement, personal counseling, social services, and related extended needs to promote veteran advancement in the civilian lifestyle. Nominated grant recipients are already under review in multiple states, as grants are made by invitation only through local VSO partnerships. 

Veterans Support Fund is a Veterans1 partnership for charitable giving, to bring monetary and in-kind assistance for veteran support organizations (VSO) and their partnerships to host job fairs and related events, and for staffing of charitable VSOs in direct service to veterans.

Veterans1 prioritizes initiatives that support economic advancement of US veterans such as through career counseling, job fairs, job placement, image11-45professional education and training, small business development and related higher-level financial opportunities.

Veterans1 also prioritizes VSOs and partnerships that are interested in long-term advocacy, and support veterans with health and wellness issues such as general medical care, amputations, PTSD, suicide prevention, addiction, and related at-risk areas.

Veterans Support Fund works with corporate and charitable partners to advocate for and raise funds to make contributions to VSOs that are supportive of health, wellness, and economic opportunity for US Veterans. VSOs are nominated by our partners, and undergo a thorough review for their quality of service to our veterans before receiving grants. 

Through ongoing efforts, Veterans Support Fund is currently positioned to advocate and fundraise for selected veterans support organizations (VSOs) and public-private partnerships between Florida, Colorado, Texas, the Washington DC area and surrounding states, New York, Connecticut, additional states and national networks that we are collaborating with.

The veterans support program is concerned with advancing the following veterans related issues:

  • Support nonprofit VSOs and their partnerships in the following areas:

    • helping veterans with lingering health and wellness issues, including amputees, PTSD, suicide prevention, addiction, and related at-risk issues

    • helping veterans with lingering economic challenges, including career counseling, job fairs, professional education, and personal finance counseling

  • Small business development opportunities, such as grants, loans, and contracts for Veteran and Disabled Veteran owned businesses

  • Effectively address the backlog issue that continues at the US Veterans Administration, negatively impacting VA claims and disability compensation

Veterans Support Fund is currently involved with model job placement programs for veterans, and is working towards hosting a job fair for veterans in Washington DC for 2016.

History of Charitable Activities

Veterans1 has been involved in multiple campaigns, including facilitating contributions to the GI Film Festival lead by Gary Sinese, and making direct contributions to Wounded Warriors Project. Visit their websites to learn more. (hyperlinks)

Veterans Support Fund recently hosted family philanthropic support to a veteran’s service partnership in Colorado, involving over 100 businesses making direct hires to US Veterans.

At the peak of the backlog crisis at the US Veterans Administration, ABS Community Research conducted legislative analysis with multiple visits to US Congressional Hearings and US Congressional offices, to determine best practices for veteran service organizations (VSOs) to partner with the US government on aid to veterans given the overwhelming need. This was a volunteer program on behalf of a veteran organization in career counseling and social services in Maryland.

Veterans1 is proud that we were one of the groups that called attention to scandals at the Veterans Health Administration. Shortly after being alerted vets1-5last year, CNN reported that at least 40 United States Armed Forces veterans had died while awaiting care at the Phoenix Veterans Health Administration facilities. Since then, several other VA medical centers around the nation have been identified with the same problems as the Phoenix facility.

We are still actively pressing for more improvements in VA healthcare, and seeking VSOs to support in leveraging this demand. This tragic failure of the federal government to “care for him who shall have borne the battle” must never be repeated.

Veterans1 also has ongoing collaboration with Children of Heroes Fund, a 501c3 foundation working on developing a management team of a group dedicated to providing college scholarships for children of our heroic men and women who died while deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere in our troubled world. The need is great. The cause is embodied in President Lincoln’s call to attend the needs of the widows and children of the fallen.